Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Is Taking Up More And More Roles In Industrial Community. WPT Technology Has A Variety Of Applications With Power Levels Ranged From Several Milliwatts To Tens Of Kilowatts, Including Charging Portable Telephone, Supplying Power For Biomedical Implants, Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Charging, And Roadway Powering Moving EVs. Compared To Conventional Wired Power Transmission, WPT Technology Is Much More Advantageous: Convenient, Safe, And Reliable. Inductive Coupling Method, As A Traditional WPT Technology, Has Been Researched For A Long Time And Is A Very Efficient Way To Deliver Power Wirelessly Within A Short Distance. However, Power And Efficiency Drop Severely If Transfer Distance Extends Or There Is A Misalignment Between Transmitter And Receiver. Another Efficient WPT Technology For Midrange Transfer, Magnetic Resonant Coupling Approach.

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