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Moving Target Analysis In ISAR Image Sequences With A Multiframe Marked Point Process Model

In This Paper, We Propose A Multiframe Marked Point Process Model Of Line Segments And Point Groups For Automatic Target Structure Extraction And Tracking In Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) Image Sequences. To Deal With Scatterer Scintillations And High Speckle Noise In The ISAR Frames, We Obtain The Resulting Target Sequence By An Iterative Optimization Process, Which Simultaneously Considers The Observed Image Data And Various Prior Geometric Interaction Constraints Between The Target Appearances In The Consecutive Frames. A Detailed Quantitative Evaluation Is Performed On Eight Real ISAR Image Sequences Of Different Carrier Ships And Airplane Targets, Using A Test Database Containing 545 Manually Annotated Frames.

Hiding Privacy Information In Video Surveillance System

This Paper Proposes A Detailed Framework Of Storing Privacy Information In Surveillance Video As A Watermark. Authorized Personnel Is Not Only Removed From The Surveillance Video As In But Also Embedded Into The Video Itself, Which Can Only Be Retrieved With A Secrete Key. A Perceptual-model-based Compressed Domain Video Watermarking Scheme Is Proposed To Deal With The Huge Payload Problem In The Proposed Surveillance System. A Signature Is Also Embedded Into The Header Of The Video As In For Authentication. Simulation Results Have Shown That The Proposed Algorithm Can Embed All The Privacy Information Into The Video Without Affecting Its Visual Quality. As A Result, The Proposed Video Surveillance System Can Monitor The Unauthorized Persons In A Restricted Environment, Protect The Privacy Of The Authorized Persons But, At The Same Time, Allow The Privacy Information To Be Revealed In A Secure And Reliable Way.

Fast Synopsis For Moving Objects Using Compressed Video

With The Increasing Volume Of Video Data, How To Analyze And Browse Video In A Fast And Effective Way Has Become An Urgent Problem In Applications. This Letter Proposes A Novel Video Synopsis Method In Compressed Domain For Browsing Video Captured By Static Cameras. Synopsis Video Is A Video Abstraction, Which Displays Moving Objects From Different Periods Simultaneously On The Primary Background Contents Of Original Video. To Overcome The Low Efficiency Of Traditional Video Synopsis For Compressed Video, Our Method Presents A New Graph Cut Algorithm To Extract Objects Tubes And Meanwhile Gives A Fast Solut