Design And Performance Of A Three-phase Solar PV (photovoltaic) Integrated UPQC (PV-UPQC) Are Presented. The Proposed System Combines Both The Benefits Of Distributed Generation And Active Power Filtering. The Shunt Compensator Of The PV-UPQC Compensates For The Load Current Harmonics And Reactive Power. The Shunt Compensator Is Also Extracting Maximum Power From Solar PV By Operating It At Its Maximum Power Point (MPP). The Series Compensator Compensates For The Grid Side Power Quality Problems Such As Grid Voltage Sags/swells By Injecting Appropriate Voltage In Phase With The Grid Voltage. The Dynamic Performance Of The Proposed System Is Simulated In Matlab-Simulink Under A Nonlinear Load Consisting Of A Bridge Rectifier With Voltage-fed Load.

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