In This Project, A New High Efficiency Transformer Less Topology Is Proposed For Grid-tied PV System With Reactive Power Control. The New Topology Structure And Detail Operation Principle With Reactive Power Flow Is Described. The High Frequency Common Mode(CM) Model And The Control Of The Proposed Topology Area Analyzed. The Inherent Circuit Structure Of The Proposed Topology Does Not Lead Itself To The Reverse Recovery Issues Even When Inject Reactive Power Which Allow Utilizing MOSFET Switches To Boost The Overall Efficiency. The CM Voltage Is Kept Constant At Mid Point Of Dc Input Voltage, Results Low Leakage Current. Finally, To Validate The Proposed Topology, A 1 KW Laboratory Prototype Is Built And Tested. The Experimental Results Show That The Proposed Topology Can Inject Reactive Power Into The Utility Grid Without Any Additional Current Distortion And Leakage Current. The Maximum Efficiency And European Efficiency Of The Proposed Topology Are Measured And Found To Be 98.54% And 98.29%, Respectively.

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