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Fuzzy Logic Controlled Cuk Converter –Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive With Reduced Torque Ripple

It Deals With The Modelling, Simulation And Implementation Of A Fuzzy Logic Controlled Cuk Converter- Inverter Fed BLDC Motor Drive. This Work Proposes PV Fed Cuk Converter To Produce Required DC Voltage At The Input Of Inverter. The Output Of The Photo Voltaic (PV) System Is Boosted Using A Cuk Converter. The Output Of The Cuk Converter Is Inverted And Applied To A Three Phase Brushless DC Motor. Closed Loop Fuzzy Controlled Systems Are Simulated And Their Responses Are Analyzed. The Fuzzy Controlled Drive System Has Advantages Like Reduced Torque Ripple And Improved Time Domain Response.

PV-HESS Fed BLDC Driven Water Pumping System With PSO-based MPP Tracking Employing Zeta Converter

The Increased Importance Of Renewable Sources In The Field Of Automotive Sector Entails The Use Of Solar Photovoltaic (PV)-fed Water Pumping System Driven By A Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Drive. To Overcome The Drawback Associated With The Conventional DC-DC Converters, A Zeta Converter Is Employed To Optimize The Power Processing. The Maximum Power Is Extracted From The Solar Array By Controlling The Duty Cycle Of Zeta Converter Through Particle Swam Optimization (PSO) Based Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Algorithm. To Mitigate The PV Output Variation, Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) Is Integrated To The PV System Which Inturn Maintains The Constant Voltage At The Input Of BLDC Motor Drive. A Robust Power Management Algorithm Is Employed For Proper Control Of PV-HESS System. The Overall MPPT With Power Management Control Facilitates The Zeta Converter To Meet Smooth Performance Of The Water Pumping System. The Performance Of The Proposed Controller Is Demonstrated Using MATLAB/Simulink For Variation In Atmospheric Condition And Xilinx System Generator Control Platform Interfaced With Zynq ZC-702 FPGA Kit.

Quasi-Z-Source Indirect Matrix Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive For Flow Control Of Dye In Paper Mill

Variable Speed Induction Motor Drive Finds Its Applications In Transportation Systems, Home Appliances, Paper And Textile Mills, Rolling And Cement Mills, Pumps, Lifts, Compressors, Blowers, Elevator, Conveyors, Crushers, Machine Tools, And Robotics, Etc., In This Most Of Electrical Motor Drives Are Pump, Fan, And Compressor-type Drives. Most Of The Pumps And Fans In Industries Are Used For Fluid Flow Control. In Conventional Flow Control Method, An Induction Motor Is Coupled To The Pump And Runs At Constant Speed. This Method Causes Large Energy Wastage. Speed Control Of The Motor By Converter Can Save Around 20% Energy At Light Load.

Feedback Control Strategy To Eliminate The Input Current Harmonics Of Matrix Converter Under Unbalanced Input Voltages

This Project Proposes A Feedback Control Strategy On The Input Side Of MC. This Strategy Is Based On A Control Method Which Can Modify Input Reference Currents. The Input Control Strategy Is Embedded Into The Output Control Strategy And Thus Is The Inner-loop Of The System Control. The Input-side Controllers Can Be Designed To Achieve Expected Input Control Objectives And Maintain The Output Performance At The Same Time. On This Basis, Resonant Controllers Are Applied To Regulate Input Currents And Instantaneous Active Power, So As To Directly Eliminate The Input Current Harmonics And Meanwhile Ensure The Load Absorbing Constant Active Power Under Unbalanced Input Voltages. The Validity And Feasibility Of The Proposed Strategy Is Verified By The Simulation And Experimental Results.

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