In This Project, A Second Order Sliding Mode Controller Is Proposed For The Power Flow Control Of A HESS, Using A Four Leg Three Level Neutral Point Clamped (4-Leg 3LNPC) Inverter As The Only Interface Between The RES/HESS And The Microgrid. A Three-dimensional Space Vector Modulation And A Sequence Decomposition Based AC Side Control Allows The Inverter To Work In Unbalanced Load Conditions While Maintaining A Balanced AC Voltage At The Point Of Common Coupling. DC Current Harmonics Caused By Unbalanced Load And The NPC Floating Middle Point Voltage, Together With The Power Division Limits Are Carefully Addressed In This Paper. The Effectiveness Of The Proposed Technique For The HESS Power Flow Control Is Compared To A Classical PI Control Scheme And Is Proven Through Simulations And Experimentally Using A 4 Leg 3LNPC Prototype On A Test Bench.

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