It Proposes A High-efficiency Two-stage Three-level Grid-connected Photovoltaic (PV) Inverter. The Proposed Two-stage Inverter Comprises A Three-level Step-up Converter And A Three-level Inverter. The Three-level Step-up Converter Not Only Improves The Power-conversion Efficiency By Lowering The Voltage Stress But Also Guarantees The Balancing Of The Dc-link Capacitor Voltages Using A Simple Control Algorithm. It Also Enables The Proposed Inverter To Satisfy The VDE 0126-1-1 Standard Of Leakage Current. The Three-level Inverter Minimizes The Overall Power Losses With Zero Reverse-recovery Loss. Furthermore, It Reduces Harmonic Distortion, The Voltage Ratings Of The Semiconductor Device, And The Electromagnetic Interference By Using A Three-level Circuit Configuration. It Also Enables The Use Of Small And Low-cost Filters. To Control The Grid Current Effectively, We Have Used A Feed-forward Nominal Voltage Compensator With A Mode Selector. This Compensator Improves The Control Environment By Presetting The Operating Point. The Proposed High-efficiency Two-stage Three-level Grid-connected PV Inverter Overcomes The Low Efficiency Problem Of Conventional Two-stage Inverters, And It Provides High-power Quality With Maximum Efficiency Of 97.4%. Using A 3-kW Prototype Of The Inverter, We Have Evaluated The Performance Of The Model And Proved Its Feasibility.

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