Hybrid Energy System Is One Of The Optimal Techniques Which Can Be Efficiently Utilizing The Renewable Energy Resources. As The Renewable Energy Resources Depend Upon The Climatic Condition It Is Difficult To Rely Upon A Single System. In This Paper Wind And Solar Hybrid Energy System Is Used. The Output Of The Two Different Energy Systems Is Fed To The Modular DC-DC Flyback Converter In Input Parallel Output Series (IPOS) Configuration. The System Enjoys The Full Advantages Of Modularity Like High Efficiency And Low Cost. The Flyback Converters Boost The Input Voltage From The Hybrid Energy System. The Output Of The System Is Verified Using MATLAB/Simulink Environment. The Stability Of The System Is Also Assured Due To Modularity. The System Efficiency Can Further Improved By Using More Number Of Flyback Modules And Modern Control Techniques.

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