This Project Proposes A Single-stage Single-switch Light-emitting Diode (LED) Driver That Integrates A Buck-boost Circuit With A Class-E Resonant Converter By Sharing One Switch Device. The Buck-boost Circuit, Working As A Power Factor Correction (PFC) Stage, Operates In The Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) To Shape The Input Current. The Class-E Converter Steps Down The Voltage To Drive The LED. For Specific Component Parameters, The Class-E Converter Can Achieve Soft-switching On The Power Switch And Two Rectifier Diodes, And Reduce Switch Losses At High Frequencies. Electrolytic Capacitors Are Used In The Proposed Converter To Achieve A Lower Cost, But The System Reliability Decreases. To Overcome This Disadvantage, Film Capacitors Can Be Used, But The Current Ripple Increases. Neglecting The Cost, Multilayered Film Capacitors Are Best Option If Higher Reliability And Lower Current Ripple Are Required. The Proposed Driver Features High Efficiency (90.8%), And A High Power Factor (0.995). In This Paper, Analytical Results And Design Considerations At 100 KHz Are Presented, And A 100-W Prototype With 110 VAC Input Was Built To Validate The Theoretical Analysis.

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